"Bubbly Creek is constantly in motion, as if huge fish were feeding in it, or great leviathans were disporting themselves in its depths" - Upton Sinclair The Jungle

Taking their name from the infamous South branch of the Chicago River, The Bubbly Creek Bluegrass band brings together a group of seasoned pickers and singers.

Collectively they come from the plains of Oklahoma, mountains of North Carolina, hollows of Missouri and cityscapes of Detroit and Chicago.

Their love and reverence of traditional, hard-driving bluegrass music is evident not only in the songs they choose, but how they present them.

From twin fiddling, dark Kentucky mandolin and high-lonesome harmonies to honky-tonk dobro and banjo breakdowns, Bubbly Creek is truly in motion.

The Bubbly Creek Bluegrass Band is Harris Covington (Bass), Dan Fuchs (Dobro and Guitar), Ryan Hinshaw (Fiddle), Andy Malloy (Banjo) and Andy Pennington (Guitar, Fiddle and Mandolin).